He Gets Us Four– Discussion Guide

 Matt 4:1-10

Temptation is a heavy topic that requires trust between individuals in their Group. Please keep in mind the importance of confidentiality so trust is maintained 🙂

  • What was your biggest takeaway from Pastor Michael’s message on Sunday?


  • What were the three categories that Jesus was tempted in? In which of the three areas are you the most tempted to meet legitimate needs in illegitimate ways?


  • Pastor Michael shared that Jesus was able to see past the moment of temptation by reflecting on the fact that “my resist now sets me up for a kingdom moment later.” What “Kingdom moments” have you had in past when you were able to see the right course for the future and you stuck to it? (In other words, what moments do you look back on and say, “I’m so glad I did the right thing!”)


Review & Bonus Reflections


  • Temptation is an invitation to embrace self-interest with no regard for God. When we continue to make selfish decisions for ourselves, we will actually lose ourselves altogether.


  • Jesus was sent to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit immediately after being baptized by John the Baptist to be tempted by the devil. (See Matt 3:16-4:1)


  • The devil kept tempting Jesus to display his power by making bread or flying off the temple. Instead, Jesus modeled for us that power is not the primary benefit for the powerful. (Matt 4:3,6)


  • Anything written in ancient literature (including Scripture) took on extraordinary authority because few things were written down for historical purposes. The story of Jesus being tempted by the Devil is so important and carries so much authority that it is in all three of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke).