Standing Stones That Echo Generations


There’s been something on my mind recently and it’s honestly been a bit of a surprise. It’s no secret that there’s a lot to think about and stress over during this unique moment in history. Actually, if you want to pick up a quick tip about how to handle this unique stress CLICK HERE.


But rising above even those moments of stress, God’s been leaving an image on my mind that I truly don’t think I would have predicted. He’s been leaving me with this image of Standing Stones.

Throughout the Old Testament we see God reach into the lives of His people; providing for them, shepherding them, and rescuing them. For many of these occasions the people of God would build Standing Stones, monuments that would stand for generations and remind the people of Israel what God had done for them and their ancestors.

Jacob build his Standing Stones at Bethel to commemorate the dream that God recommitted the covenant to all his descendants (Genesis 18 & 35). Moses built twelve monuments at the foot of Mount Sinai after revealing the Ten Commandments to remind his countryman that God had designed these rules in His character (Exodus 24:2-4). Throughout their journey into the Promise Land the Israelites built standing stones recognizing the moments that they survived because of God’s grace, not their strength (Joshua 4, 8, & 9). And those are just some of the monuments of remembrance that Israel stood to remind them of God’s providence.


Now, it would be completely understandable if at this point you’re wondering, “What does building a bunch of vertical stones have to do with leading my family? We’re not possibly going to have to go into our backyard and make some Easter Island figurines, right?”

No. But I actually believe your building Standing Stones right now, whether you realize it or not.


Each moment that you lead your family has a chance to leave a Standing Stone for your kids to remember and pass on. This is true throughout life, but especially in this moment. You can also build Standing Stones to good moments and bad moments. So let me ask you, what kind of Standing Stone are you building right now?


Are you building a Standing Stone to commemorate how much Netflix content your family consumes because sports are out? Are you building a Standing Stone to remember how stressful home schooling or electronic schooling is because your role as parent has blended into the role of teacher too? Are you building a Standing Stone to pass on the story of stress and tension because of lost income?

All of those are certainly stones you could build in this time. Actually, they’re probably stones most of us are building without thinking about it.


But what if you lead your family from an eternal perspective right now? What if you made decisions now based on the Standing Stones that you could be leaving for your family’s future?

Instead of a “Netflix Stone” you could build a stone of helping others. Instead of a “Homeschool Stress Stone” you could leave a stone of patience and teamwork as family members teach family members. Instead of a “Financial Tension Stone” you could leave a stone of faith – that God provided when it seemed like answers were lost.

How you lead your family matters. Your leadership now decides the type of landmarks you leave for your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to point to.


But for a second, let’s think one step outside your family. Can you imagine the type of Standing Stone our communities would see if we chose to work together for this moment to show God’s light?

In the midst of this season’s uncertainty, where every day blends together and feels the same, we believe that we can leave a mark that will be remembered for generations to come. We want to do exactly that!


We’re challenging our entire Lakeland NextGen Ministry to leave one collective Standing Stone over the next few weeks. We’re calling it Be The Church.

One moment where every family in our NextGen Ministry (preschool, elementary, and students) does something that shows God’s love to the people around them. Simple things that still matter – checking on a neighbor, leaving a gift for a first responder, calling family members that have been separated, or giving help to those around us.

All of us doing things that show God’s love is still real and that He is still actively providing for us, shepherding us, and rescuing us.

Would you join us in leaving a Standing Stone for all to see?


Don’t forget to share your family’s Be The Church moment to our social media pages to encourage the people around you to join us in building this lasting Standing Stone!

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