Becoming a partner is an important part of solidifying your commitment to the local body of Christ. Partnership brings great benefits to both the individual as well the entire church.  The reason why we love partnership versus what you might have experienced in other churches…ie. membership, is because membership carries with it the idea of “what do I get from the organization?”, while partnership carries the idea of “what do I bring to the organization?” We believe we are called to come together to commit to a partner relationship with the church to accomplish a big vision. The process to becoming a Lakeland Partner involves two simple steps.


Step 1: Complete the Partners Application

Each candidate must submit an application prior to interviewing with a pastor or overseer. The information requested on the application includes:

  • Contact information
  • LCC’s Core Values
  • Previous church experiences
  • Signed LCC Covenant Partner Application

If you are interested in taking that next step and becoming a Lakeland Partner, please click here and complete the form.

Step 2: Interview with Pastor

Meet one-on-one with a pastor or overseer of LCC for 30-45 minutes to discuss your application. Our goal is to get to know your journey of faith better and to encourage you to take the next steps of connection (e.g. small group, serving in a ministry, etc.) This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about LCC.  After this interview you will be notified of your acceptance as a church partner. Please contact the church office to setup an appointment (262-245-4567).



I commit to personal attendance at a weekend service.


I commit to connect in a group. Groups provide environments where we find friendship, we learn and apply biblical principles, and build relationships.


I commit to find a place to serve. This not only brings honor to Christ, but is also a privilege for the Christian.


I commit to supporting Lakeland and its ministries financially. I will practice giving of my first fruits and purpose to give tithes and offerings. I will aim to live a generous lifestyle.

Living Our Values

I commit to…Reach out. Experience the real and relevant Jesus. Grow in my personal walk with Jesus.
I aim to live…Authentically. Kingdom minded. Simply. Excited. Striving for excellence.s and offerings. I will aim to live a generous lifestyle.


I commit to pursuing personal integrity in all areas of my life.
I commit to living like Jesus in and outside the church, in speech, life, love, faith, and purity.
I commit to biblical conflict resolution and stand against gossip and slander.
I commit to praying for Lakeland’s leadership and church body. 

We invite you to begin your journey with LCC by completing the application below and clicking submit.  You may also contact the church office if you have any additional questions.  God Bless!