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More about the Discipleship Pathway…

Ready to accelerate in your journey with Jesus? Lakeland has you covered!  The Discipleship Pathway is designed to set you up to find traction and experience transformation in your faith. Backed by research and based on your story, we built the Pathway to meet your specific spiritual needs today and to help you take others through it in the near future. That’s God’s dream for you – being a disciple of Jesus that makes other disciples of Jesus! For each step, we have served up a short video from our Teaching Team along with starter questions, a five-day field guide in the Bible, and weekly challenges. This is going to be fun!

Caution: You won’t get far by journeying alone. By design, discipleship has always been a team sport and discipleship relationships are the only way you will go the distance. We will talk about that more along the way. Be sure to check in and interact with us so we can celebrate what God is doing in your life! A journal will be helpful as well.

Take risks. Never settle. Find Jesus. See you on the Pathway!

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