Week 5:


 You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?


This week we got an amazing glimpse into the throne room of heaven as we covered Revelation 4-5. We saw the amazing expression of worship that God is receiving in heaven, both to God the Father in chapter 4 and to Jesus the Son in chapter 5. In both chapters one of the amazing realities is that we, humanity, have God-ordained purpose mixed right in the middle of these worship moments. These are found in Rev. 4:11 which refers to God’s will for our lives and Rev. 5:10 which declares what we are called to do. How do these chapters impact us today? Pastor Josh left us with this challenge… May the reality of your tomorrow transform your reality of today.

Scripture Reference

Revelation 4-5

Focus Questions

  1. In heaven there will be nonstop worship. What is the longest amount of time you have fully engaged in worshiping Jesus? What was the most powerful worship experience you ever had? What made it special?
  2. If someone asked you why you worship God, how would you answer? What reasons are given for worshiping God in chapter 4 and what reasons are given for worshiping the Lamb in chapter 5?
  3. If we have difficulty worshiping God, what might we need to do? If earthly worship is supposed to be modeled after heavenly worship,  what is lacking right now in your personal practice of worship?
  4. When you think of spending eternity in heaven, what are you most looking forward to experiencing? What makes you excited? What are the parts of heaven that confuse you? Why do you think God doesn’t answer all our questions about what heaven will be like?
  5. It is very easy to get busy doing things that have no Kingdom Purpose. What are some of the things you do that serve no real purpose to God’s Kingdom? Since these things do not serve God, it’s important to understand that we do them because they serve ourselves. What do you get out of doing these things?
  6. What is your identity in Christ? In what ways do you disagree with how God sees you? What stops you from living in God’s identity of you today?
  7. Pastor Josh made this statement: “May the reality of your tomorrow transform your reality today.” For example, if you knew that you would move to France in a year, there might be things you start doing today in anticipation of that, such as learning the language or researching cities and places of interest. In what ways should knowing the reality of our eternity in heaven change our reality in our everyday right now? 
  8. Another statement Pastor Josh made was this: “The greatest accomplishment of the devil is to keep you from ever discovering and walking in the fullness of God’s plan and purpose for your life.” Go ahead and read that again. It’s worth reading over, printing out and posting reminders that we can see no matter what direction we face. Do you believe God has a plan and purpose for your life? Do you believe the plan and purpose God has for your life is good? Like, really, really good? Do you know what that plan and purpose is? How can you discover what God’s plan is for you? If you know His plan, what stops you from living it out? 

Send Out Question

Listen to “Revelation Song”. What changes will you make this week to live in the identity and reality that heaven is in your future? How will your life reflect the eternal praise and worship of God in heaven in your life here and now?